Top Plasma Grow Light Reviews (2021)

When many nations go open to the cannabis industry, businesses are open to more productive growing methods. Using grow lights is a widespread suggestion.

This article is focusing on the more specific type – known as Plasma Grow Lights. I choose it over the other popular Lights because at the moment, finding the best ones remains a challenge. It is the less complex system but in a smaller market share to sort out.

The Best Plasma grow lights can maximize your productivity but only you know the right ones to pick and to balance your expense sheet. After reading through our guide and plasma grow light reviews, this difficult process should become a lot easier.

The Best Plasma Grow Light on the Market in 2021

For those who know for sure what kind of grow light they need for planting weed, the top 3 plasma products below must be your first to notice.

They are carefully inspected and analyzed regarding capacity, bang for the buck, durability and efficiency.

Hopefully, my suggestions on these three best PLASMA grow lights below can help you shorten your shopping time.

Alphalite Plasma Grow Light  

Alphalite Plasma Grow Light can be one of the top products that I highly recommend you to buy. Do not argue with those who said ‘You get what you pay for’ in this case. This product is not expensive, yet it has an exceptional quality.

The light is phenomenal. It is super bright. This Alphalite Plasma Grow Light can save up to 50% HID light compared to other similar products. The grow/ bloom functions work smoothly. The UV filtering glasses keep us away from headaches when working in multiple of them running in a place.

The heat output of this plasma grow light is quite low because it has 3 cooling fans. You can’t really feel it without putting your hand right up against the light. It is obvious that this product does not consume a lot of energy. More importantly, the lifespan can be longer thanks to this.

The bonus point is the full spectrum. It consists of necessary bands that are extracted from natural sunlight. In addition, UV and IR are vital for plants as well. In a nutshell, your plants’ growth stages are well supported.

This plasma grow light can be easily installed on any tent with no accessories and its maximum lifetime is 30,000 Hours.

If you want to expand your planting area and use more lights, the daisy-chain port is available. Alphalite Plasma grow light offers sufficient warranty. They normally respond customers very fast too.


  • Super bright light
  • Competitive price
  • Full spectrum
  • Easy to construct
  • Low heat
  • Energy saving


  • The failure might happen sometimes


AgroMax Plasma Grow Light – Full Spectrum

The runner-up in my list is AgroMax Plasma Grow Light. The light works so well and extremely bright thanks to the power of 300 watts. Your plants can grow up with very healthy looks.

From the outside of the plasma, I can see a shell well built with prime quality materials. It is the same for the chips and the board too.

They use several types of PLASMAS to create their full spectrum, which is outstanding on the market now. It features Veg & Bloom Switches. This absolutely helps your plants, flowers and vegetables grow indoor at all stages. It is not so much different from natural sunlight.

The coverage is big enough for your plants to develop. You can even install a tent of 21 x 13 feet at the height of 6 inches.

They design a powerful cooling system. In result, the heat output is very little, 50~60℉ less than other plasma products. And the fans are still very quiet. The light frame is very nice and sturdy. AgroMax is also very easy to install.

AgroMax plasma grow light is very reasonable. It is really worth the money you spend. All in all, this tool is such a WOW product to plant weed. It is one of the best options for indoor growing. Looking at other products in this price range, you won’t regret the money you spend on this.


  • Great light
  • Minimal heat
  • Good Veg & Bloom functions
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price
  • Hanging kits included


  • Not waterproof, for indoor use only

Gavita Pro-270e Plasma Growing Lamps 

If you are willing to pay an enormous quantity of money for a growing light, then I definitely suggest Gavita Pro-270e Plasma Growing Lamp. They have a different series for your choice. It seems to be expensive when you look at the number. In comparison with comparable brands, this product is quite reasonable.

I believe this growing light is the most powerful one on the market at the moment. It features a wider light spectrum with the highest Par per Watt. It promises the maximum coverage area with minimum power usage.

In terms of heat, the Gavita Pro-270e Plasma Growing Lamp is equipped with 2 high-speed fans and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. These help a lot reduce the temperature.

This tool is super easy to operate. All you need to do are to hang, plug in and turn it on. You can see 2 power switches (veg and bloom). By flipping, you can use that function easily.

This light is expected to have dedicated hours of lifespan. This is quite long in comparison with other brands.

They offer suitable warranty and money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the product. They do not charge the shipping fee. But I am sure you won’t want to return once you use it.


  • Wide and platinum light
  • Full spectrum
  • Great warranty policy
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Bloom & Veg function very well
  • Low energy


  • Pricey but worth the money

Factors You Should Think Through When Buying A PLASMA Growing Light for Weed

Work of plasma Grow Light on your purpose

So, the whole agenda is not about just hanging the light on top of the plant and looking for a boost in productivity. Every living thing has its own life cycle. There are three crucial stages of development each of which requires a different amount of light and warmth for the plant to thrive.

You might have already known that for just for more certainty, don’t ignore.

The first is seeding stage when the plants begin to break the ground and grow for the plasma light. At this time, you need 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark. When the plant is still vulnerable under the heat, the grow light must be moderate.

Waiting not for long, your marijuana will step on veg stage when it develops its bush. This phase asks for the most hours exposed to light -18 hours.

Knowing Your Space

You had better know that the plasma grow light has concentration and the maximum coverage area. These two cycles will get slightly different ascription of light and heat.

So, you’ve learned that the usable space is not just about area on your floor but also distance to the ceiling. Of course, with a variety of wattage and smart arrangements, you can obtain space efficiency.

Here below is the chart for set-up plasma grow lights: 250W 12-24 inches; 450W 14-30 inches; 600W 14-36 inches; 900W 16-36 inches; and 1500W 24-36 inches


Q: What do PLASMA lights prevail HPS?

While PLASMA is more for small-scaled cannabis nurturing and cost much more at front, these lights are more and more preferred these days by some outshining features in comparison to HPS.

Energy efficient

The fact that when PLASMA and HPS lights are taking up the same input of energy, PLASMA lights will produce almost double output of light.

It is definitely an advantage to beat up HPS in the time looking for cost-efficiency.


While HPS lights will go down after 12-18 months, most PLASMA bulbs can stay productive for 100,000 hours.

Let’s compare the frequency of changing HPS and PLASMA bulbs, you will see which is more durable, not mention the cost of maintenance.

Low heat

PLASMA are proved to run cooler than HPS. Regarding the cost, you might save yourself money from installing ventilators or fan systems.

Good for small scale

The compact and united design of most PLASMA grow lights are friendly features to beginners of growing weed. You don’t have to worry sick about installing, maintenance or transportation because this version is for convenience.


But hey! You’ve got such a great list for the best plasma grow light and along with it, a guide in detail to know what you need for the best.

Sooner or later, after getting to know this article, you will see for sure the lights you should spend money on.

Now, let’s fold your sleeves and start your agenda.