Best Stealth Grow Box – Top five picks (2021)

Do you need to keep your weed plants discreet? The stealth grow boxes will help you do the task easily and elegantly, without raising guests’ attention.

Have you ever wanted to keep something out of people’s attention? To be more specific, that’s when you grow weed, marijuana or cannabis at home and of course, you don’t want attention from the guests. There’s something intriguing called stealth grow box that can help you hide these plants without causing any doubt.

Like ordinary growing boxes that provide optimal soil and environment for your plants, the best stealth grow box also make them well hidden. When it comes to this special product, it can be a little ambiguous on how you can purchase the best one without squandering your budget.

Top Five Best Stealth Grow Box For Your Weed Plants

#1 Best Overall – Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

This reasonable stealth grow box from brand Dealzer is ideal for planting marijuana indoors. It has a small and compact size that doesn’t waste your indoor space at all. Dealzer is sure to promise to offer users the best quality products that never let them down easily.

Perfect for auto blossoming species, this indoor grow box can help you make up to 8 pounds of dehydrated strains each year. The firm MDF which is ½ inch thick is long-lasting. Also, it supports nine plants under a box at the same time, but still retains the most vital vitamins for your plants.

For the hidden feature, it offers safety lockable doors to hinder people from opening the doors accidentally. The 6500K CFL bulbs will shed a generous amount of illumination for the plants during their vegetative stage. While the CFL bulbs will help the grow box not to become so hot in the summer.


  • The product offers a lifetime warranty
  • It provides users with the hidden hydroponic air fluent structure
  • There are auto lighting for day and night use


  • There is no doorknob

#2 Best for Extra Care – Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box

This stealth grower box from brand Lowryder can be the most common product due to their very affordable price. It would be an ideal for duplicating marijuana as well as the vegetative stage of the plants.

You would be impressed that the company offers a supply of nutrients and vitamins at no cost in six months continuously. It highlights even four 10,000 hours lifespan hydroponic structures inside. This structure contains an oxygenator bubble, net posts, a piping, and an air injection.

Besides, there are exhaust fans and built-in intake to help ventilate your grow box. To keep your planting private, the excellent latches are responsible for providing the airtight weather of your box. Not only the brand offers a lifetime warranty for users, they also comprise the CO2 boosting tablets for 6 months.


  • It can diminish the marijuana odor
  • It offers free CO2 boosting tablets for 6 months
  • The setup stuff is complete


  • It can be a little small for cannabis and plants which are extending

#3 Best High-end – Supercloset Superbox Fully Automated Turnkey Grow Box

We rank this stealth grow box of brand SuperCloset at the high-end range due to its expensive price tag. Yet its quality will compromise with the price, with the best features that you cannot find in any other cheap products.

The manufacturer has used the steel material to build the box. It’s also fireproof to keep your plants safe in the smoking environment. Also, it enables beginning planters to grow 10 plants at the same time. At first glance, you will mistake it as a file cabinet. So, the stealth feature is clear and handy at all!

When purchasing the product, there comes with the hydroton rocks, exhaust fans and filters, and everything you need to set up a perfect grow box right inside your house. Besides, you will get a supply of free nutrients and especially a free pH tester for your plants.


  • The locking feature is long-lasting
  • The kit contains all the necessary stuff for setting up
  • Its file cabinet design is clearly a stealth grow box


  • The light included is only for blooming stage

#4 Best for Tall Plants – Unique-Hydroponics Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

This stealth grow box will be a perfect choice for tall plants. As marijuanas are getting high every day, it means that the product will help you produce more crops than usual. This is would be a satisfied product which enables nine plants at the same time, and offering enough nutrients for all.

It highlights a carbon percolation kit that will percolate the air crossing the exhaust. Therefore, there would be no marijuana odor around your home, making plants invisible as your purpose. Also, you will receive an ONA locking pro for odor diminish tool with the product.

There are also the 300W LED lights for night use if you wish, while the 150W UFO lights is adjustable to locate where you want it to affect the plants. Besides, the kit has come with the complete setup accessories for an effortless establishment. The kit also comes with free nutrients such as micro Floraboom specifically for marijuana growth.


  • It has an ideal height for tall plants
  • It includes the specific micronutrients for marijuanas
  • The ONA locking is excellent for eliminating marijuana or weed odor


  • It will take up your home space because of the large height and size

#5 Best for Space – Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box System

This is a complete grow box set if you know little about technical or planting stuff. You just need to shed the seeds into the box, and boom! The plants are starting to growing indoor with intensive care.

As it is a small-sized stealth grow box, you can just have two plants at the same time. But if you have no excessive need of growing a bunch of weed, this could not be an issue. There comes with two fans for ventilating, and the second is for the entry of fresh air flowing into the box.

The 150W LED light is ideal for low lighting power if you wish, and it can save lots of your electricity bills. Also, the built-in timer with this grow box can control the lighting structure automatically if you establish the readings. It’s also straightforward to use as the hydroponic system is well controlled and helpful for vigorous growth of the plants.


  • Easy to set up with all necessary parts
  • The low energy growing light is sustainable and economical
  • The carbon percolation can diminish the marijuana odor


  • There is no warranty included

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Stealth Grow Box?

As marijuana is made legal in many states of the US, people are searching for them to grow privately in their home. You will absolutely need a stealth grow box to plant these weed plants. The best grow box can provide your plants an optimal condition for their growth as well as hide them intelligently.

Below, we believe that these key factors can help you in assessing the most appropriate stealth grow box for your home.

The number of plants 

There are various sizes of a stealth grow box. Some boxes are tiny, while some are large.However, the most important factor to look in a stealth grower box is its width, height and length. No matter where you intend to put the box in, it must fit with the storage space.

Besides, a grower box size can determine the quantity of the plants you could grow. There are several boxes that can serve only two to four plants at a time, while some can contain more than that. Indeed, the width and length are major components that determine this issue. Also, a tall grower box is helpful if you want your plants spread out as much as possible.

Reflective surface

Weed plants also need an adequate amount of light to grow to the extreme. Not only having a superb source of illumination under the type of light bulb, these lights need to rebound a reflective side for getting lights from different directions. However, not all grower boxes included 100% mylar surfaces.

A reflective surface would be extremely helpful as it takes the illumination from the light bulb and rebound to the weed leaves. You will get all the plants appropriately lighted up even just with a LED bulb.

Hydroponic system

As a matter of fact, some grower boxes include hydroponic system, while the rest don’t. A complete hydroponic structure is a set that contains built-in oxygenated water and useful nutrients. This can lessen the setup process once you receive the box.

According to some researches, weed plants can grow better in hydroponic environment compared to those planted in normal soil. You’ve got to install the hydroponic system if you don’t want extra cost purchasing a grower box without this system.

Auto lighting structure

Many users prefer the grow boxes that contain auto lighting structure than the manual system. If you reside on a busy track of life, the auto system would be more ideal. The programmed on/off framework guarantees the illumination in the grower box turn on if the plants want them.

When the time has come to change to obscurity, the light would go off naturally. Nevertheless, if you’ve got no issue running the lights by yourself, pick a manual structure grower box.

The security feature

Probably the chief motivation to purchase a stealth grower box for cannabis species is the privacy you anticipate from it. Initial, stealth container is little enough to keep inside. It helps when the crate is made sure about with a locking framework. Hence, you can lock  and keep your curious youngsters from getting to the plants.

Fortunately, some stealth grower boxes come with a total locking framework. People may be lockable, yet they might not own a lock. This implies you have to purchase the lock independently. You can make sure about your pot plants and keep minors from getting to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we smell the weed odor while using stealth grow boxes?

  1. High scent control implies the framework uses channels, generally carbon, to fresh the air in the crate before discharging it into the room. Therefore, the atmosphere in your home will smell overall quite new. The entire grow boxes inspected here are 100 percents smell verification.

Q. How regularly should I adjust the water? 

  1. You should adjust the water or supplements each 1 – 14 days, contingent upon the framework and what phase of development the trees are. The bigger the plants, the more water they assimilate. As a rule, the repository can be loaded up with unfiltered faucet water, yet make sure to prepare the pH or TDS preceding inserting in the framework.

Q. How to clean a stealth grow box?

  1. Wash all that you run with in scorching, sudsy water; flush totally; and be certain they are completely dried before you utilize them. Clean the entirety of your devices with isopropyl liquor to sterilize them. Remaining natural issue in soil could be a swarm to ailments and organisms. Therefore, it’s ideal to begin each grower box with a disinfected blend.

Q. How long would it take to collect the crops?

  1. This relies upon a few components. Plants are extraordinary and have various attributes and courses of events to develop. A run-of-the-mill process duration is somewhere in the range of two to three months.


With the reviews above, which secrecy grower box will you choose? Let’s check the highlights and the convenience. If you’re a amateur planter, you would want a box which comes like a total unit. It ought to be one that doesn’t demand complicated establishment. Fundamentally, all you should stress over is receiving the weed seeds.

Nonetheless, remember to look at the purchasing guide above to know whether what you have chosen checks all the privilege boxes.