5 Best HPS Grow Lights for Your Weed

When starting your own grow operation, I am sure most people have done pretty much all the research on the stages and tools recommended for growing weed. However, you might be better at outlining than planning in details. Getting a HPS light is a real investment, which will decide the outcome of your harvest. To save you from unprecedented loss, and a poor harvest you should read this journal to make a sure bet.

Based on visible specifications and revising invisible benefits said by advertisements, I rocked out 5 best HPS grow light for weed.

For more, you might want to discuss more on backstage issues about grow lights in followed sections where I will reveal about the Top 5 Best HPS Growing Light.

Top 5 Best HPS Grow Light on the Market in 2021

I hope that my suggestions on these five best HPS grow lights for weed below can help you to shorten your shopping time. And also help you to choose the best product that suits your needs for the best yield possible.

iPower HPS Grow Light

The iPower HPS Grow Light is a fantastic product in the best-seller list. I questioned myself “Why iPower is good with an incredibly attractive price?”.

The quality of the light is amazing. The optimal full spectrum supplies plants with natural sunlight. Apart from weed, you can apply this light to all kind of indoor vegetables and plants, for example lettuce, strawberry or orchid, etc.

The lights stay quite cool. This brings no problem to maintain the temperature even in summer time. I love the timer function of this light. If you can’t check on your plants every 12 hours, you can set the timing program. How convenient!

The iPower HPS Grow Light has more than series for you to choose. If you plant 1 or 2, the 400W is the suitable. However, if you aim more than that (about 5 or 6), the 600W is the right choice. Of course, you can choose a higher watt series if you want to plant more. W600 is highly preferred by professional growers.

If you plant vegetable with the height 32″, this light can cover 3 x 3 ft. For flower with the height of 22″, it can do 2.5 x 2.5 ft.

Comparing to other similar products, this iPower HPS Grow Light has the double the bulbs, but the dimensions remain. It also provides you with a larger coverage area.

In short, I would like to say this option came from one of the most trusted brands among the world. You don’t need to worry about this product.


  • Good coverage for the size
  • Timer function
  • Cooling system
  • Energy efficient
  • Full spectrum
  • Safe to use


  • Not suitable for all weed growers

Sun System HPS Grow Light

Sun System is famous for their cost- effectiveness. This brand has been available on the market for several years. This light is very suitable for new growers. If you want to start from a smaller scale, you can try this modest-budget light.

They have invested to update the HPS Grow Light made with newest technique. Thanks to this, it now can get 30% higher than the old model in term of the productivity. The full spectrum function makes this light very bright. It also consists of white light to make the sunlight further.

The high speed fans work very efficiently to cool down the system without causing noise. This product is very easy to use. It comes with a hanging kit, which is very convenient for you.

Let’s talk about their warranty policy. They offer sufficient authentic warranty and a day back guaranty. They respond the customers very fast.


  • Good quality HPSs
  • Low price
  • Little heat, no noise
  • Safe to use
  • Amazing customer service


  • Not big coverage area

Hydroplanet Horticulture HPS Grow Light

I am first impressed by the simple but beautiful appearance of this light. It has a white flame-retardant case. This is a plus point for it. The Hydroplanet Horticulture HPS Grow Light surprised me by the price. It is very reasonable.

The point making this device stands out from the market is the ratio and layout. The value spectrum to make plants thrive is 7:1. The fact of having 84 full spectrum reflectors and 12 blue spectral reflectors makes it a reasonable spectrum. This ensures the growth of your plants in all stages.

This product gives you a great working output per watt used. It is rated for consistent hours of use. The design of 60-degree reflector cup can make use of all dispersed light. This reduces the light loss.

The Hydroplanet Horticulture HPS Grow Light can be used in greenhouses, farming, garden or tent, etc. Also, it is very suitable for all plant types. If you want to create a larger area, you can definitely use the daisy chain. It is very easy to construct, and still economical.

This brand has very professional service. They assist customers very well. They also have the good policy of warranty and a day money back guarantee.


  • Nice appearance
  • Modest budget
  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient daisy chain
  • High-quality heat dissipation
  • Design of a reflector cup


  • Small coverage area

Vivosun Hydroponic HPS Grow Light

Vivosun is a very reliable brand in terms of quality and customer services. This light is crazily bright. Your plants can enjoy the natural sunlight with full spectrum technology, including 240 pcs 10 dual chips regarding the mode of UV light. You can place this product anywhere you want, for instance, balcony, office, home, etc.

These lights run powerfully and consume very low energy. This HPSs can save 80% of electricity comparing to other lights.  This actually is very friendly to the environment.

The Vivosun Hydroponic HPS Grow Light has the design of 6 UL certified fans, 360-degree port to dissipate the heat. However, it is not noisy at all. It offers customers a surplus warranty and its lifespan is quite long with only one-day setting.


  • Natural light to plants
  • Low energy consumption
  • Good cooling system without noise
  • Good warranty policy
  • Can be used in flexible places


  • A little bit higher price

Hydro Crunch HPS Grow Light

In the list of expensive lights, I have to mention the Hydro Crunch HPS Grow Light. This is a game-changer for indoor grow operation.

The light has a programmable spectrum system. This means that you can adjust the spectrum to enhance plant growth and increase the yield. There are 3 spectrum channels that you can program (the day, the week or season) to match natural sunlight.

Being featured with high Power HPSs, this light can actually draw 400 at full power. The light of the Hydro Crunch HPS Grow Light is quite intense. More than that, it features 2 UVA & UVB tubes. This is a great contribution to the growth at the flowering steps.

The highlight point I love from this product is its water resistance. It is very lightweight, sturdy and easy to construct. This Hydro Crunch HPS Grow Light comes with sufficient warranty which proves the confidence itself in their product.

To sum up, the Hydro Crunch HPS Grow Light is a well-known brand in this field. They have my trust totally.


  • Super light
  • Fully programmable spectrum
  • Water resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • Great cooling system


  • Higher price

Factors You Should Think Through When Buying HPS Growing Lights for Weed

Know What You Want

Most weed planners know exactly that they must invest grow lights throughout the process, otherwise their opponents will prevail at the end of the crop.

However, they were too rush into shopping stage without detecting mindfully what they are looking for. I don’t talk about star features yet background knowledge of how the grow lights work for your cannabis business.

Knowing the core of the work means having the smoking gun in your hand, then it’s how you determine the best HPS grow light for yourself.


The capacity of HPS lights doesn’t depend on only hours of operation but also heat and coverage area.

HPS in speaking of heat exposure is not as hot as HPS grow lights so at least you don’t have to worry much about overheating the plants. But in the veg stage, marijuana needs straight 18 hours of sunlight that means the grow bulbs need to provide both brightness as well as warmth in the quality of sunshine.

The demand for brightness as well as heat will fluctuate from the seeding to flower phase, and level of brightness also changes during the day. Combining all of those, let’s choose the grow lights with suitable modes to meet your need to the fullest.


We’re talking about using electric devices, so, energy cost is a huge concern given the fact that you’ll pay the bill. HPS doesn’t consume much energy but still, why not go for cost-efficient options if we can?

I will put it that way. A 1000w HPS light will use less electricity than 5 of 200w HPS lights while both system is giving the same productivity (theoretically). Therefore, I strongly recommend purchasing higher total output specification. Besides, installing a light is much simpler than 5, agreed?



Q: How many watts should HPS lights perform in 1sq ft plant?

35 watts Vs 45 watts from HID

Q: What is PAR?

PAR is Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. PAR bulbs are lamps that feature “spot light”. It means that they have a beam spread which is normally lower than 45 degrees. People use PAR bulbs in order to put focused beam of light on the wanted object. PAR is measured by the amount of micro moles of light per square meter per second.

Q: How is the ideal coverage?

The best coverage is to imitate exact effect of sunlight which can be gained by setting up 5000 watts for 5*5 equally.

Q: How far should HPS grow lights be from plants?

In general, the HPS grow lights should be placed around 16 to 36 inches away from the plants.


Growing cannabis is a serious job which ask you to invest time, labor force and money on. Now with the support of grow lights, the condition improves a lot but still, many things need to be done. The first is to choose the best HPS grow lights for weed.

And hope that the above information did provide you sufficient knowledge before deciding to buy one HPS grow light for you.