Best Grow Tent Reviews for 2021

The grow tent for cannabis is applied a lot in cultivation because of its outstanding advantages, even for vegetables. Developed countries have implemented this model very well for farming and growing plants and herbs including weed.

Planting or growing plants may have to stop when the weather is suddenly cold. Or merely the vegetables you like to eat are not suitable for the current weather conditions. These are the reasons why your gardening may have to stop for a long time.

At that time, doing some research about the best grow tent is not a wrong choice. Here come the nine best grow tents on the market so far!

Best Grow Tents for you to consider

#1 VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (Best Overall)

The VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent steals the spotlight with its outstanding features. The manufacturer ensures that the tent is correctly sealed that even a small light-ray cannot leak out.

Overall, the design is lightweight and sturdy, which requires only one person to assemble and set up thoroughly. It comes with 98%-reflective Mylar and extra-thick 600D canvas to enhance the stability and prevent light leakage.

The grow tent is perfect for those who are looking for a specialized in-house growing unit for an average organic plan. With its affordable price, high efficiency, and strong stability, you cannot go wrong with this unit.

However, the only drawback is its medium size. It is the best grow tent for amateurs without a doubt. However, the largest size offered is 60 x 60 x 80 inches, which is only capable of small and medium growing scales for cannabis or weed.


  • High performance and efficiency
  • Prevent light leakage effectively
  • Sturdy design with high-quality details
  • Perfectly durable zipper


  • Limited sizing options, which are only available for small and medium growing plans

#2 Gorilla Grow Tent Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent (Best Value)

Gorilla Grow Tent had developed their product to be spacious, well-built, and efficient for large-scale in-house farms. Some customers praise that it is the best growth tent so far that they do not want to consider other alternatives.

The product has zero flaws. It features height adjusting poles, durable canvas, and metal interlocking frame. All of these features enhance the product’s quality to an ultimate level that can meet even the strictest requirement.

Unlike other products, the zipper is reliable and robust, but it is easy to use for a long time. And the tent is designed to adapt to the height adjustment exceptionally well.

You can grow numerous types of the plant inside the tent because it creates a versatile and pleasant environment for them. Besides a high price, Gorilla Grow Tent never disappoint with their high standards and meticulous design.


  • Extra-large and spacious tent
  • Suitable for all types of plant
  • Adjustable height function
  • Strong and solid construction
  • Light blocking function


  • High price
  • Takes a lot of space

#3 TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent (Best Design)

The TopoGrow Grow Tent features an innovative design that can handle both nursery and growing plants at the same time. Its interior diamond MylarMylar offers a 100%-reflective lighting effect that ensures excellent growing standards for most types of plants.

Its performance is robust with 600-watt HPS grow lights and 600- to 1200-watt LED grow lights. This lighting set will ensure your plants can be well-developed at all stages in this grow tent.

As mentioned above, it features a specialized area for propagation and seedlings. You can easily manage all the areas of the nursery and standard growth through its well-built construction and full observation window.

The only disadvantage of this product is its relatively narrow dimension compared with the high price. But with amazing highlights above, it is still a worthy choice.


  • 100% no light leakage
  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Innovative design with premium materials
  • Features a nursery area
  • Efficient performance


  • Narrow size
  • Quite expensive

#4 CoolGrows Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent (Best Details)

The CoolGrows Grow Tent is the best grow tent for small in-house growing. It has a sturdy design and extremely tough canvas to support light-blocking features. The unit features 99%-reflective mylar lining for the most efficient set-up.

Although it has the best sizing option of 48 x 48 x 80 inches, the construction quality of this product is phenomenal. It is fully sealed with a durable 600D canvas for perfect light leakage prevention.

It’s Easy Click Connect System makes the assembly process much more comfortable and more time-saving. And the heavy-duty zipper protects the grow tent from any light leakage during the growing process.

However, many customers are disappointed that they figure out a pinhole that causes light leakage after finishing the set-up process. Moreover, the zipper usually gets stuck after a specific time. Let’s hope that the manufacturer will fix these problems!


  • Heavy-duty constructive grow tent
  • Passable quality for some highlight features
  • Sturdy design
  • Thick canvas for light blocking
  • Affordable price with three choices of size


  • There is a pinhole that can cause light leakage
  • Only suitable for small growing plans
  • The zipper is easily stuck.

#5 Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent (Best Zipper)

The Apollo Grow Tent is quite similar to the above CoolGrows product. However, the maximum offered dimension is only 48 x 24 x 60 inches. So, you can only have a small-sized farm with this hydroponic grow tent.

But it is still an excellent tent with a heavy-duty zipper, which is extremely useful in preventing light leakage. The zipper overcomes common trouble of stocking. Moreover, double stitching is also helpful for light protection.

Besides, it features one of the best customer services. The manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee for accidental occurrence. And with high durability and protection, you should not overlook this promising product.


  • Heavy-duty zipper and double stitching for light protection
  • Sturdy and solid design
  • Excellent customer service and warranty
  • Create the right temperature for most plants


  • Limited space
  • Hard to assemble

#6 OPULENT SYSTEMS 2-in-1 Grow Tent (Best Capacity)

OPULENT SYSTEMS Grow Tent is the best grow tent for a medium garden in the list due to its fantastic capacity. All the functions and features of the OPULENT SYSTEMS unit is quite similar to the VIVOSUN grow tent.

However, what makes OPULENT SYSTEMS lost is that it causes light leakage more than the VIVOSUN product. And the prices of the two products are also similar.

In particular, OPULENT SYSTEMS grow tent is a fantastic product with a sturdy design, robust construction, durable zipper, and water-resistant feature. The manufacturer offers five choices of different sizes corresponding to distinguish the user’s purposes.

The zipper rarely gets stuck, unlike natural products. And the grow tent has a huge observation window. You can comfortably observe and keep track of your plant growth with ease.


  • Up to five choices of size
  • Sturdy and spacious design for medium grows
  • Heavy-duty and durable zipper
  • Water-resistor function
  • Large translucent observation window


  • Expensive
  • Causes more light leakage than other products

#7 iPower GLTENTXS5 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Tent (Best Height)

The iPower GLENTXS5 Grow Tent will arrive at your house with an exceptionally tall package. The manufacturer had designed it with a maximum height of 72 inches, which gives you extra space for growing more plants.

The product comes with four choices of dimension depending on your needs at affordable prices. And the same other premium products, iPower unit is made from high-quality and durable material that prevents 99% of light leaking.

It also features a heavy-duty zipper with double stitching to enhance durability and long-lasting use. Primarily, it is free-tool installed. The unit is straightforward to assemble and install that requires absolutely no specialized tools.

Moreover, it also comes with a water-resistant removable tray for easy cleaning. However, along with the height increase, the width of the tent decreased to only 36 inches.


  • Extra height
  • Durable and robust construction quality
  • Optional ventilation
  • Prevent 99% light leakage
  • Easy-access unzip door
  • Heavy-duty zipper with double stitching


  • Narrow width compared to other products
  • Bad customer service

#8 Hydroplanet Grow Tent (Most Durable)

The Hydroplanet Grow Tent is an excellent combination of the best size and affordable price. It comes with solid construction and is enhanced with the most durable materials.

The product features a heavy-duty tube system to stabilize the frame and allow for hanging heavy items. The overall design is spacious with 100%-reflective tear-proof MylarMylar.

The extra-thick canvas is washable inside out with a regular washing machine. And there is a two-year limited warranty for accidental damages, which is profitable for a reasonable product.

However, its zipper system is disastrous. It is hard to zip at the beginning, sometimes getting stuck. But then after a few months of use, it loosens


  • Five choices of size
  • Reasonable price
  • Solid and stable design
  • 100%-reflective MylarMylar
  • Heavy-duty tube system


  • Extremely bad zipper
  • High light leakage

#9 LAGarden Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent (Best Price)

The LAGarden Indoor Grow Tent is the most affordable in this list. But do not underestimate this product, it is incredibly sturdy with extra-thick canvas and 100%-reflective diamond Mylar.

The manufacturer had created a design that is compatible with multiple types of light, such as incandescent, HID, and LED lights. This feature makes this grow tent be available for all kinds of plants, fruits, vegetables, and seasonal plants.

And with the reflective interior aluminum firm covered inside, the tent has a superb efficiency that brings high performance and effective results for your in-house garden.

However, similar to the Hydroplanet, the zipper is a nightmare for this product. It is bad-quality and usually causes light leakage.


  • Extra-thick sturdy canvas
  • Compatible with many types of grow light
  • Available with most types of plant
  • High-quality and premium design
  • Most affordable


  • Bad zipper
  • Bad light blocking

How to Choose the Best Grow Tent

Tissue Strength and Density

The central element of a grow tent is the cover through which light and smell are to be enclosed inside. The stronger and denser the material your grow tent is made of, the better its quality.

The most impenetrable grow tents must have light proof covers of Tier III, but the most common are Tier I or II. The primary function of the fabric cover is to prevent light and smell from leaking out of the tent while keeping pests, spores and other airborne contaminants away from the plants.

High-Quality Reflective Material

The inside of the grow tent is just as important, if not more important than the outer layer. The reflective inner material used influences the amount of light that your plants are exposed.

Since you grow your plants indoors, the reflected light is a necessity. The higher the degree of reflection on the inside, the smaller the lights or, the less electricity you need.

Robust Seams and Zippers

One of the most common problems that breeders face in their tents is the light that comes from within. The best grow tent must be lightfast, and two factors that significantly affect this are the seams and the zippers.

If the stitches are tight (about 3 to 4 stitches per cm), it will help keep the light in the tent. Zippers, on the other hand, are the components that are the most vulnerable since you will be using them every day.

Wear can cause significant damage if the zipper is of poor quality. It can lead to a gaping hole through which excessive light can escape from the grow box.

Frame and Bar Thickness

The frame and poles that come with the tent carry all the weight. It is therefore essential to find a grow tent with sturdy and reliable poles and a framework that can withstand the considerable pressure.

If you buy a tent with a weak structure, it can collapse once you install a couple of LED grow lights.

Ventilation, Suction and Cable Openings

Some basic tents do not have additional ventilation, outlet and cable openings. But these are also necessary functions or properties of a good grow tent.

These features help you not only to maintain a constant temperature and humidity by laying and installing equipment such as lamps, suction and power cables inside the grow box but also to keep the grow tent tight, as these can be closed again.

Removable Flood Pans

These tubs are a stroke of luck for everyone who wants to maintain a clean tent. It makes cleaning much more comfortable, especially if you accidentally empty water or other liquids inside the grow box.

Viewing Window

Everyone loves to admire their plants from time to time. But for this, you have to open the tent, and that can be tedious in the long run, lead to increased wear and tear of the grow box and also disturb the plants.

For this reason, some of the best grow tents have an easily accessible viewing window so that you can see your plants at any time and especially from the side without getting the plants out of the canvas.

Tool Bag

With a tool bag, you can keep your tools in an efficient place, so they are easy to reach when you need them.


Why should I grow in a grow tent?

Here are the top reasons why people choose a grow tent for indoor growing.

  • Grow tents give you complete control over your crop.
  • Grow tents are closed rooms that are specially designed for growing plants.
  • Many environmental factors influence the growth of reliable and profitable plants.
  • You need to control the temperature, humidity, light schedule and light intensity, and make sure that the air circulation is correct and that new air is continually being added.
  • If you develop into an experienced gardener, it will be much easier for you not only to control these factors but also to manipulate them to grow bigger and better plants.

Undoubtedly, the best reason to grow in a grow tent or grow box is that they are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create and control these environmental conditions.

Can the grow tent avoid pests?

Every outdoor grower can sing a song about how easy it is that pests can infect your plants and how hard it is to get rid of them. The final design of a grow tent or grow box keeps unwanted pests such as aphids, flies and spider mites away.

Can growing in a grow tent be as efficient as growing outdoors?

The inner lining with MylarMylar increases the reflectivity of the surface in your grow tent and maximizes the performance of your light. This design ensures that valuable light is not wasted and your plants get the best possible view.

How to install a grow tent?

Necessary information and tips for easy installation:

  • Lay the tent (cover) flat on the floor
  • Find the bottom of the tent.
  • Separate the long and short bars
  • First, assemble the bottom poles, make a square and place it on the bottom of the tent.
  • Now that you have your base connect upright poles to the bottom structure (floor)
  • Attach the top poles to form your whole pole structure/skeleton of the tent
  • Finally, carefully roll the tent over the pole structure and pull it up.

When you lift the tent (the cover) over the poles, push the poles slightly upwards, these then raise the canvas again.


Urban gardening is a fun and exciting hobby that you can do practically anywhere thanks to growing tents available. The best growing canvas gives growers the unique opportunity to improve their plant selection even when there is insufficient space and access to sunlight.

Because of this fantastic advantage, it’s no wonder that growers and urban gardeners around the world rely on these handy grow tents. It is also the reason why there is currently such a wide range of different grow tents on the market.

Understandably, a beginner could be a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the perfect tent to get their hobby up and to run. To make the decision a little easier, we have created this guide to help you buy or build your grow tent quickly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment down below!