Best DWC System (Deep Water Culture) for weed in 2021

Almost all weed farmers prefer hydroponics farming. By practicing this method, you can grow your plants by using the Deep Water Culture or DWC system. This method actually requires the dedicated suspension of the roots of your plants in the nutrient water solution with rich oxygenated sources.

Others popular hydroponics methods can be named as nutrient film technique as well as ebb and flow. However, Deep Water Culture (DWC) system is indeed the simplest way for you to try starting out.

Are you looking for the best DWC system for your own needs? Based on visible specifications, below are our top 10 choices of DWC Systems for reference.

Top 10 Best DWC Systems on the Market in 2021

#1 PowerGrow DWC Hydroponics Bucket Kit 5 Gallon

If you’re in your first time to grow weeds indoor, this DWC bucket will be a good company to start with.

The DWC Hydroponics kit by PowerGrow consists of a 5-gallon bucket with lid, air stone, air pump. To help with the whole process of DWC, this product also comes with a tube and plug for air and nutrition transfer.

In addition, the water level indicator is such a bonus feature for amateurs who will take a while to master the system.

With the kit, you can start your very first step with indoor growing, just make sure to fill in enough water and nutrition.

Besides, a bucket at a reasonable price will be a no-brainer purchase for beginners.


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Less time consuming
  • Good warranty


  • Limited in the number of plants

#2 PowerGrow DWC Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit 

If you find it comfortable with PowerGrow 5 Gallon bucket above and desire to expand your weed garden, why not choose the Bubble Bucket grander kit from them?

This kit includes 4 5-gallon buckets and with the same collection of tools. So, you still have all that you need to raise your plants until maturity. No sweat drops. Of course, the scale extends, air stone set increases to 4, and the air pump elevates to a higher power.

There is a little backside. When the pump providing air to 4 buckets at the same time, it will make a little noise. Even though, it’s not an all-the-time issue.


  • Larger space for plants
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Tempting warranty


  • Space consuming

#3 The Atwater Hydropod

Speaking of DWC, people will refer to traditional kits like PowerGrow or recirculation like what the Atwater Hydropod is doing.

The first impression of this product is a very neat design. It has a drip system combined with a feeding top. therefore, the whole thing looks nothing like a mess but still be capable of a lot of work.

The kit includes everything you need to raise weed plants such as air stones, air tube, connector, drip lid. Besides, there are also extra for better care like water indicator, pH tester, extra nutrients, instruction, and checklist. By glancing, you know well that you’ve had everything for the best to come!

The idea of recirculation is saving water that the Atwater DWC system performs. The evaporating water will be kept to nurture the plant further, not wasted. So, less water but better results.


  • Good-looking
  • Less water consumption
  • Extra support
  • Easy installation


  • More complicated for beginners

#4 HTGSupply 3.5 Gallon Bubble Boy

Weed is a fickle plant that only survives under certain conditions of oxygen, nutrition, and light. Growing them with DWC is easier somehow but maintaining an appropriate amount of oxygen remains a challenge.

With HTGSupply Bubble Boy, you can rest your mind with Oxygen issue.

The kit supply extra air by a dual-outlet air pump, bonus another electrical pump so that grower takes total control of airflow, anytime.

Besides, the design also keeps the root totally out of light exposure, creates an ideal environment resembling earth for better growth.

Given these features, this DWC kit is like a certain ticket to your juicy buds.


  • Easy to use
  • More airflow
  • More protective bucket
  • Extra air pump


  • Low capacity of bucket (3.5 gallons)

#5 Savvy grow DWC Hydroponics Growing System Kit

Are you worried that you have little experience with gardening and the DWC method doesn’t make it better?

Well, that’s when you haven’t seen this SavvyGrow DWC Hydroponics growing system yet.

The bucket is designed in a square shape for more than just one plant but also fits in any small corner. It is how SavvyGrow kit appears loved for indoor gardening. With that look, it’s expected to grow more plants besides weeds.

In addition to the standard kit for DWC, the SavvyGrow kit includes also nutrients package for the whole little garden until you transfer them to the greenhouse.

With this kit, you can start organic gardening with absolutely no difficulties.


  • Capable of multiple plants
  • All-in package
  • Easy installation
  • Space efficiency
  • Attractive green color


  • Only medium-sized

#6 Aunifun Hydroponics Grower Kit

Unlike most of the other DWC systems, this Aunifun has a chug cylinder hidden under the bucket for coordinating nutrients and oxygen. It’s like you have a fish tank but darker inside and smaller.

The design is outstanding. It is an elegant white bucket with 6 spots for plants. It appears quite small but amazingly capable.

Usually, the bucket is made black to prevent as much light as possible but this white one can also block brightness and protect the root.

As the Savvy, Aunifun is only for an earlier phase of weed growth then you have to transfer them into greenhouses. However, it won’t be a waste of investment while you can plant other vegetables.


  • Elegant design
  • Self-watering
  • more efficient


  • Take time for cleaning

#7 DreamJoy Hydroponics Grow Kit

Neither bucket or 6 spots can fulfill your target amount of weeds but this DreamJoy Hydroponics can.

With 36 sites organized in 4 pipes, it will be sure to provide you enough space and plants. The good thing is you don’t have to spend a big space for this system.

The better point of the DreamJoy system is its flexibility in operation. You can have a time controller run or you can do recirculation in terms of water distribution. Both are convenient.

The only backward is that the system comes with no power strip. However, it won’t be a problem because who doesn’t have a spare one at home?

A tip to maximize your productivity with DreamJoy system is setting a reservoir tank for water so you needn’t fuss around when water is out.


  • A generous number of spots
  • Versatile
  • Easy setting
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor


  • No power strip included
  • Separate reservoir needed

#8 HTGSupply 3.5 Bubble Boy Single Shots

So, come back with familiar black buckets but by HTGSupply.

Well, for smaller-scale or first season, buckets are still more certain for the outcome. Did you agree?

What helps HTGSupply Bubble Boy Single Shot outshines many products is high quality.

The air pump and air stone – two critical factors in the DWC system are found better in HTG. The air pump is more powerful, as detected.

Besides, the buckets are also made of heavy-duty plastic with extra black to prevent 100% light from exposing to roots.

With a better flow of air, more oxygen, and better diffuser and complete seal from light, the HTGSupply Bubble Boy kit brings us a sure bet on weed growth.


  • High quality
  • Better water diffuser
  • Better air pump
  • Easy installation


  • Small buckets

#9 Active Aqua Root Spa Hydroponic Bucket System

To me, the Active Aqua Root Spa Hydroponic Bucket System is the best fit for commercial growers. It is very multi-tasking. It provides you with more than 11 wavelengths of color output to modify. You can easily adjust the modes to make it suitable at each growth stage.

It has a bucket basket of 8 inches to hold the growing medium choice of yourself. Upon your plants’ condition, you can choose the right one.

This is a special-made product with decent price. If you want to widen the area to plant more, the daisy chain is available. Its air pump can oxygenate the water in order to encourage the root growth.

The Active Aqua Root Spa Hydroponic Bucket System was sold in a kit of one bucket, one bucket basket of 8 inches, one grommet of 0.5 inch, one tubing of 0.25 inch, an air pump, and multipurpose assembly of the air hose. This product comes long lifespan and suitable year warranty. This is not a bad offer to customers.


  • Excellent setup
  • No leak with the air tight structure
  • Decent price
  • Deep water source
  • Good coverage area


  • It is noisy sometimes

#10 Hydroponic System DWC Bubbler Kit H2OtoGro 

Have you heard of H2OtoGro before? This is a very reliable brand. I have to say this product is not cheap as the same as their quality. It is excellent! If you are a professional grower, you shouldn’t miss the Hydroponic System DWC Bubbler Kit H2OtoGro.

This product is designed with 100% Polyethylene of the Food Grade. It works well for 10 mature plants, however, the most suitable number is from 5-8.

The manufacture suggests growers use the removable lid effectively for easy cleaning when your plants are flowering. Its self-watering method is claimed to boost the effectiveness in a cost saving way. However, if you do not want to follow, it still functions very well.

The Hydroponic System DWC Bubbler Kit H2OtoGro can be suitable for plants requiring highly nutrient enriched and oxygenated water which circulates for the minimal effort and highest results. It can disperse to the edges. This oxygenation assists increasing plant speeds and growth.

This product brings a wide application ratio spectrum, which are vital for all growth stages of your plants. Also, it offers you a suitable warranty policy for all the manufacturers detects. They have very good customer services.


  • Suitable for mature plants
  • Great customer services
  • Good coverage area
  • Energy efficient
  • Updated version for better use


  • A bit pricy
  • Its air pump was not large enough

Factors You Should Think Through When Buying A DWC System

Work of Water and Moisture on the Plant

Then, the last phase of growing is flowering. At this point, the plants will need half day exposed under light and half day hidden in the dark. Then, maintaining good care, you soon see your effort paid in shape of juicy buds.

It seems not hard at all when you just look at the agenda and expect to keep sufficient wayer on and off as asked. But, DWC System can also cause unprecedented effects like water and moisture which are all influence your crop. Therefore, you have to know how to turn them into benefits.

The full application of a DWC system will be the optimal option for all plant growers. You might need to start worrying if the space is warm or moist enough so you can prepare cooling fans in advance.

After all, the DWC system is more than just providing water. They can do more but also can accidentally because you damage if you’re not prepared.

Work You’re Expected to Do

You just know about the agenda, in kind of outline. Now, you start to expect what is your job here beside spending money. Having DWC System in your weed garden will ask your present for controlling hours, water and also distance.

Let’s precede that after set up the system perfectly for the best outcome, you must go down there frequently, inspecting the suitable water and manage cycles. Imagine you do all of those briefly without mess.

Therefore, DWC Systems with easy panel for adjustment and customization will be ideal. They are essential to be approachable, simple but still versatile. In conclusion for this part, this tool is indeed a necessary item for your better choices.

Knowing Your Space

So the lower the light, more water and more concentrated moisture the plant could get, but the lower area could be used. And vice versa. Is that what you think?

Well, sadly, you’re not the person who decide it. The plant does. So, how to get the most effective coverage space while the plant receives adequate amount of water, light, and heat.

You have to supply the water above the plant appropriately. The more the water is, the further the distance you should apply. The range could go from 12 to 36 inches depend.

Financial resource

Considering all of an above knowledge, you will go for the DWC system instantly. But wait, it is really effective and good for your cannabis, but for your finance resource?

Well, I am not sure. Investing in the DWC system means more front cost than using a simple tool, so people need to spend wisely.

After all, it is still about economic, isn’t? You must know as exactly as possible the scale of your crop, the expected turnover, unprecedented expense and then the budget for your watering system. Knowing what you have to spend and smartly allocate your budget will lead your crop to the peak.

Look for best Features

When you have a solid idea of what water is doing in your cannabis garden, it is easier to seek the best DWC Systems out of variety. So, the best features was outlined to take a glimpse of how to make the unforgettable choice.


Each of model will cover different area regarding the focus and maximum radius. The volume of water tells nothing about its precedence coverage, but the moisture.

Theoretically, the more water uses, the higher you hang and the more area you got covered. Of course, this statistic will change given the specs of the DWC system.

You should have your garden of weed well calculated then choose the tool with appropriate coverage area. Don’t waste the zone but also don’t leave any leaves out. The wise choice of capacity will result you amazing crop at the end.


Firstly, the bang for the buck must be durability. No one wants to start with such a huge investment just for lasting one crop. What I look for is a product that last with you as long as possible. Some need changes the bulbs after crops but some can last for more than just a season.

Secondly, cost also relates to the use of energy which here is electricity. Let’s pay attention to the volume of water supplied. The fact of energy law is the more water produces; the less waste of energy you may have. Of course, the scale of your garden also count on how much output you want to set.

Control Panels

I am sure you know very well what kind of job you will do with these grow lights after installation. So, we could all agree that straightforward control panels are better to go for.

You just need a fixed volume of water which can be easily adjusted, changed and control your DWC system.


When you have all options in your mind, you can make the best choice of what type you will use in order to meet your needs and expectations.

To grow a cannabis from the seed stage and nurturing it to flowering time, the most effective way is to use a comprehensive DWC system. But wait, you should bear in mind that sometimes, you will only get it in blooming and veg stages.

Do the tools you are choosing have sufficient moisture? This is another point that you should look through too. Full-capacity tool supplies the cannabis with enough water and natural lights. It is necessary in both veg and flowering stages. So the type of DWC systems that you are buying should have this function.

Minimal waste output 

Why you should choose a product that brings waste output? First of all, if the tool produces little water, the planting environment will not be too hot.

Second of all, a good DWC system are more durable than other similar kinds. Then, you do not need to change its mode. This can help save both time and cost for growers.

Product warranty

The reliable and confident brands normally show their confidence through the warranty policy. Your DWC system might occur problems after a few years of working. I suggest you look at the products that offer at least 2 or 3 years of warranty or above. Some brands even allow you to return with full refund after a certain amount of time if you do not like their products.


Q: Is it possible to grow weed without sufficient moisture?

Of course not, all plants cannot survive without sunlight and sufficient moisture. So, they all won’t grow well, including cannabis.

However, controlling the growing agenda by water and lights will get you the optional outcome at the end of the harvest. The ideal condition now is in your hand, not in Mother Nature.

Q: Are a DWC system bad for your health?

According to health authority, a DWC system cannot damage your health in any way.

Q: Do tents help?

Tents are usually advertised when you buy a DWC system. It seems helpful, honestly. The tent is to concentrate the light to growing plants, prevent wasting energy and boost productivity. I couldn’t see any harm of having tent except more money is spent.


Nowadays, products have different modes of water planting to modify upon your plants’ period. There are a few brands that you can program to control the water to match the needs of the plants. If you do not want to do it manually, you can invest money on these high-end products.

You should consider the above top 10 best DWC systems before purchasing. Depending on your land area or needs, you can decide the according models.