Best Cloning Gel – Help Grow Your Weed Faster

It is a big hassle for farmers to make roots from the cutting of marijuana plants with plain water. The chances of success they receive are just about 50%. So, to get a better result and minimize the risk, it is essential to use the cloning gel.

That is why this article includes some useful buying guides along with reviews of some best cloning gels. Are you excited to explore the best cloning gel? Let’s get started now!

Best Cloning Gel Reviews

Best Overall: Great White 100049823 4 oz Cloning Gel

Growing trees is an extensive process that requires patience. With all the love and attention you deserve, you have spent many months looking after your plants from seed to maturity. Nothing is more wonderful than seeing the boom of the tree.

To ensure that plants grow to the harvest season, gel clones are the perfect support tool for you. One of the highly rated products is the Great White 100049823 4 oz Cloning Gel. This way, you can easily improve the quality of your garden. As a result, productivity improves and your garden will have a stronger foundation.

The first advantage of this powerful Cloning Gel from Great White is its excellent stimulation. Great White’s unique formula stimulates the growth of roots and plants, giving plants all the essential nutrients they need to maximize their growth.

Besides being able to create explosive growth of roots and increase yield, Great White 100049823 4 oz Cloning Gel also helps plants absorb nutrients and water better. These are two important factors that determine the health of the tree.


  • Exceptional stimulation
  • Better absorption of nutrition and water
  • Root growth


  • Needs smaller holes in the lid

To ensure healthy plants, support tools are a reasonable choice. With these significant advantages, it is hard to ignore the Great White Cloning Gel. Get it now or cry later because it sells out quickly.

Best Affordable: Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

When it comes to cloning gel, Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel is one of the most popular products on the market today. With the advantages and significant benefits that it brings, many customers have considered this cloning gel as the first choice.

First, this root gel is famous for its super-fast growth performance and ability. It can be said that this is the most stubborn gel. This strong gel will hold the bond around the trunk which can seal the cut tissue. From there it provides the hormones and vitamins to promote root cell growth and protect new root tissues.

In addition, HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel contains all the essential minerals and trace elements needed by plants to nurture young roots during the critical identification stage.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Brings significant results


  • Not suitable for big and strong plants

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel is a suitable choice for those who are looking for the best cloning gel. Clonex always listen to the needs of customers and respond to it to the most perfect. If you want to find out more information about this product, click on its name above.

Best for Stronger Rooting Clones: Quick Clone Gel

If you are looking for a gel that is both powerful and natural, you should not miss Quick Clone Gel. This gel can bring the best health to your garden.

Based on organic elements brewed in tea, Quick Clone Gel doesn’t even contain artificial colors. Instead, this cloning gel comes with amino acids to stimulate hormones and vitamins for plants. Using this product is simple.

All you need to do is select and cut new, healthy growth from your favorite tree. Then dip it into water and a reasonable depth in Quick Clone Gel. Finally, you plant into the soil, plug in peat or aeroponics cloning machine. Depending on the tree, observe and take care of it for 10 to 15 days.

In addition, this cloning gel is suitable for all kinds of plants, from flowers to fruit trees such as roses, orchids, bamboo, peppers, tomatoes. The manufacturer guarantees that your garden will reach an extra level when using Quick Clone Gel.


  • Bring results quickly
  • 100% natural origin
  • 2 sizes to choose from


  • Not all plants are suitable

With natural ingredients, don’t worry that Quick Clone Gel will be difficult to use. This product brings significant results and anyone can use it. Boost your garden’s productivity with Quick Clone Gel today!

Best Easy-to-Use: Olivia’s Cloning Gel

Another easy-to-use, simple and reliable cloning gel for you is Olivia’s Cloning Gel. This gel works perfectly for all plants that expect strong, longer roots.

With their own special formula, the manufacturer guarantees that the success rate after using this product is 90% – a very high number. This is one of the best cloning gels on the market for customers who are looking to buy effective products for their plants.

Olivia’s Cloning Gel is another perfect cloning solution for new plantations. Providing new cuttings at the beginning of root development will help eliminate transplant shock.

With a proven safe formula, your safety will not be a concern. It is also highly effective against outdoor plants. After an insufficient time, you can harvest your plants with the highest yield without having to start from the seed.


  • Reliable and stick with clone
  • Usage is simpler than powders
  • Suitable for beginners to use cloning gel


  • Can not dilute the gel

Overall, if you’re looking for a basic cloning gel, Olivia’s Cloning Gel is a suitable product. For more information about this gel, visit the link in its name.

Best for Rapid Growth: EZ-Clone Rooting Compound Gel

EZ-Clone Rooting Compound Gel is a brilliant support tool for customers who desire a clean and effective cloning gel.

This cloning gel can help you reach your gardening goals right away. EZ Clone designed their mirror gel in the most perfect way. This is to enhance the parallel development of copy and root in the fastest way while ensuring reliability.

Originating from water, EZ-Clone Rooting Compound Gel ensures the tightest around the cut to promote its growth. As it will be faster than growing from seed. In addition, it contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for plant roots to propagate. Your roots will be longer and stronger.

In particular, you can easily take out the amount you need with the cloned gel that comes in a package with an open mouth.


  • Excellent quality
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Good value for money


  • More effective with cloning than seedling

EZ Clone Rooting Compound Gel 2 oz is the ideal choice for those who pursue good quality cloning gels with absolute assurance. Discover its outstanding features today before it runs out of stock.

Best for Natural Biocides: Rx Green Solutions LIFE Cloning Gel

Besides careful care, plants can grow to the maximum thanks to other support factors. A prime quality tool, reliable and efficient enough, will help the tree have outstanding yields. Rx Green Solutions LIFE Cloning Gel is the gel that can meet these criteria.

If you are not a clone gel user, then Rx Green Solutions LIFE Cloning Gel can help you take the first steps in this. This is a root compound for cutting branches, it is a perfect blend of natural ingredients and blend of rooting hormones.

Producers have created their own unique formula based on water to keep plants healthier. The roots will grow faster than other competitors.

On the market today, there are many types of cloning gels that use chemical disinfectants. But LIFE Clone Gel uses Thyme Oil – a safe, natural bactericide.


  • Flexible and reliable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Not suitable for some plants

A wonderful product will bring an excellent result. Try Rx Green Solutions RXLF3005 Cloning Gel now by adding it to the cart.

Best for Minerals: Dyna-Gro Cloning Gel

Another ideal choice for you about cloning gel is Dyna-Gro DYRTG002 Root Gel. Dyna-Gro created a special formula to allow users to propagate cuttings instead of planting them from seeds. This not only helps minimize frustration but also maximizes yield.

This product contains all the essential ingredients and nutrients such as nutritious minerals, IBA, Vitamin B1 and NAA. The combination of them will create impressive growth of the roots. You will be extremely excited with the effect that Dyna-Gro DYRTG002 Root Gel brings.

In particular, Hawaiian propagandists conducted experiments to draw conclusions about its amazing effectiveness. The root has increased 2 times compared to its original size. Therefore, you absolutely have a basis to believe in this product.


  • Full of essential nutrients
  • Thick gel
  • High efficiency


  • Must store in a cool place

These outstanding advantages have brought to the popularity of Dyna-Gro Cloning Gel. Try this cloning gel and you will love it!

Best Rigorously Tested: CYCO Cyclone Rooting Gel

When it comes to a product that can work on all cuts and clones and help it grow better than ever, CYCO Cyclone Rooting Gel is one of the most iconic gels.

Manufacturers have been inventing and testing their formulas rigorously for years to bring customers the highest quality products. They guarantee that their proprietary formula will help roots and clones grow far superior to other gels.

This product contains a lot of nutrients good for plants. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about malnutrition. In addition, the product has 4 different capacities for you to choose: 75 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter. It is convenient, right?


  • Outstanding growth with exclusive formula
  • Many capacities to choose from
  • Easy to use


  • Beginners are a little hard to use due to the fast results

It can be said that CYCO Cyclone Rooting Gel is an indispensable cloning gel in this review. Its impeccable features have made it a worthwhile product. Give your plants the essential nutrients with this cloned gel today!

Best for Time Saving: Clonex Rooting Compound Gel

This is another product from Clonex. It is a compound gel and is perfect for in-house use with a small scale. Each package contains only 15 ml, so it is suitable for several small experiments.

It is a kind of resolute gel sticking around the stem and seal the cut tissue. Furthermore, it provides hormones to stimulate the development of the root cell. Another special feature is its risk-free and alcohol-free formula.

Although its size is very small, it still ensures to provide a high success rate. It will certainly bring you many surprises.


  • Cheap
  • Full-spectrum mineral
  • Can nourish young roots


  • Slightly not as powerful as powder

Briefly, this compound gel is a great choice for some beginners who like to grow a small number of plants.

Best Powerful: Technaflora Rootech Gel

Technaflora is a well-reputed and brand on the market. This product is available in various containers from 7 to 224 grams. Besides, it is not a liquid hormone but a water-based cloning gel.

That is to say, the manufacturer creates it with many essential vitamins and natural hormones. That is the reason why it can work effectively and is one of the most consistent cloning gels.

Moreover, it focuses highly on the IBA hormone, helping increase the development of the root and the rate of strong clones. By providing a powerful and high number of hormones, it will bring users the best result.

In terms of the quality of the gel, it is smooth, ultra-thick, and does not include hot spots. It can prevent the young roots and the plant tissues from burning.


  • Versatile and reliable
  • Good for beginners
  • Very easy to use


  • Slightly pricey for the volume

As the company tested and got good results from this product before releasing for sale, why should you believe in the brand Technaflora? The Rootech cloning gel worth your try at least for once!

General Information About Cloning Gel

What Is the Cloning Gel?

Cloning gel is a superior formula made for the plant cutting to stimulate roots. Basically, without this cloning gel, people can grow roots by wringing the cutting into the water.

It is okay but it will be a mass and high-difficulty level. Cloning powder and gel contain essential vitamins and nutrients for rapidly growing with lesser effort.

Advantages of The Cloning Gel

Easy Usage

The major advantage of cloning gel is that they are very easy to use. Although you have not used this gel before, you still can use it to get the desirable results. Almost every gel comes with the instruction manual so you can follow it quickly.

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to grow plants effectively and easily, the cloning gel is perfect for you.

Faster growth

The cloning gel can provide faster and better results. In other words, it is one of the best methods to get the fastest growth in comparison with the traditional ones.

Then, you should choose a high-quality cloning gel that can efficiently enhance the health and the growth of the plants. It will be a reliable way to grow plants.

Stronger plants

Another benefit is that cloning gel helps plants be healthier and stronger. To be more specific, the plants can inherit properties from their parent plants.

As a rule, if the parent plants are strong, the clone will be strong as well. Therefore, you should choose stronger parent plants and use cloning gel to grow healthy and flawless clones.

Save the cuttings from risks 

Some risks are affecting the cuttings such as the fungus and molds. This is a common problem experienced by all beginners. However, when you use the cloning gel, you will be no longer worried about it. The gel will help the plants effectively fight the mold and grow stronger.

Features to Consider Before Buying the Cloning Gel


This seems to be the first factor when choosing a cloning gel for the plants. It means that the gel you buy is easy to use. And you can apply it to the clone to achieve the best results. Through choosing friendly-used products, you can ensure the results as you know their effects and the side effects.

Compatibility with The Plants

The second factor is to check if the cloning gel can work effectively on your plants or not. When going to stores, you should cross-check with the sellers to make sure that the gel will work for your plants. From that, the gel can provide you with the best result as your expectations.

Your Needs 

The third element is your needs. Before purchasing, you should figure out what you need for your plants. Or else you may want to withstand the plants for slower but natural growth.

If you tried the natural rooting process and did not get any desired results, you can sway to use cloning gels. As the aforementioned benefits, they can help you grow healthy plants. So, you should think about the cloning gel which can show great results but is under your budget.

Why Is the Cloning Gel Better Than the Liquid or Powder?

Normally, people can use the liquid, powder the gel for the cloning. But the cloning gels are viewed to be the best way in comparison with the two remainders. Here are some reasons explaining the option of cloning gels.

Faster Root Initiation

Previously, people often use traditional methods such as soil-rooting or water-rooting. These methods work very slowly, and you have to wait until a week at least to see the results. Then, the results maybe not assured.

In comparison with these two mentioned methods, the cloning gels are well-known for the faster root initiation. Therefore, users who are looking for a faster and reliable way to initiate the rooting, you can buy cloning gels without any hesitations.

Suitable for Different Types of Plants 

There are several plants that are difficult to grow through the cuttings and from seeds. If you are planning to grow such plants, you should not ignore the cloning gel. It will be the best way to cultivate these plants efficiently.

Besides, the cloning gels are suitable for a huge number of plants with a 100% success rate of efficiently growing. Thus, in case you are looking for a method to clone the plants, the cloning gels would be ideal to buy.

Made Up from Organic Ingredients 

In terms of the ingredients of the cloning gels, they are absolutely safe for your plants. As there are numerous gels on the market, you can choose the best one with adequate ingredients easily.

In case you are concerned about the clones’ health, you should buy the gel made up of all-natural ingredients. However, these products will give results more slowly than the chemical-based cloning gels.

Easy to Use

Among the three types, the cloning gels are easier to use. They stick to the cuttings to keep them safe from the moulds and fungus. They also prevent the cuttings from experiencing any other decay if you use some other ways to clone your plants.

That is the reason why the cloning gels are more preferable for buyers who are willing to have the clone grown healthily and strongly.

How to Use Cloning Gels?

Here are some basic and simple steps that you can follow

Step 1

Choosing a healthy parent plant. More specifically, you should opt for the disease-resistant plants to reduce the frustrations later.

Step 2

Cut the clone and you have to do it right. In case you cut the unhealthy part, this might compromise the outcomes significantly.

Step 3

Read and follow the instructions from the manual and pour the gel into the container.

Step 4

Soak the roots in the gel you have poured. The gel will stick the root automatically. You have to remember not to dip the root in the first container as this may contaminate the latter.

Step 5

Plant the cuttings. You should observe for its growth and ensure that you take notice of the appropriate care of your plants.


After reading the detailed reviews of some best cloning gels, you can now decide which product can work the best. Take note of these things mentioned above to end up deciding which you will not regret.